Demons (Things Not to Do at the Theater )

It’s ill advised to accept gifts
From strangers on the train
It’s not ideal to go wandering
There are things you can’t contain

Don’t touch the items on display
They’re not yours to hold
It’s best to leave things where they sit
There’s a price for being bold

Don’t try on masks or mill about
Don’t fiddle with displays
Just take your seat and settle in
The show is underway

You shouldn’t talk or smoke or laugh
Be grateful you’re invited
Keep your eyes locked on the screen
You’re sure to be delighted

There’s ooze and blood and gore galore
Both in the film and out
The theater’s locked up like a vault
No one can hear you shout

The movie flickers past your eyes
There’s monsters on the loose
Sharpened claws and gnashing teeth
And they’ll soon reproduce

If you heed my solemn warning
If you can stay on task
You can avoid this monstrous fate
Please don’t put on the mask

Demons (Things Not to Do at the Theater )